A Rammed Earth Story.

Stabilised Earth Adelaide builds aesthetically pleasing, energy saving monolithic rammed earth walls. We use locally sourced quarried sandstone/limestone aggregates and sands. The working mix is pre-tested by a NATA accredited soil testing laboritory.

The business was formed in 1986 by Ian and Tina Collect, who successfully established a reputation for excellent work measured by many satisfied clients. Ian has now retired, and the business has been reformed by a general builder of 20 years, David Roberts and two of Ian's long serving ramming crew. Howard Marshall and Greg Francis, with 24 years of combined ramming experience. A third member of the crew, Robert Drury, has been retained as leading hand in day to day production, along with Nick Roberts, construction operator and graphic designer.

This history of experience ensures Stabilised Earth Adelaide continues the tradition of building accurate high quality rammed earth walls. Projects proceed one at a time, which enables a high degree of personal involvement from the team. This is both satisfying to us and reassuring to our clients.

Tina Colett still maintains her own design business, which provides the consulting on energy efficient design and plan drafting. If desired, our clients can engage other designers and architects. We an provide straightforward information on how the construction system works, including established and preferred details, engineering capabilities and costing guidelines.

Owner builders may also have the option of assisting with the hands-on building process. We can also provide a list of complementary trades-people to both precede and follow on from our stabilised rammed earth wall construction. The business also has the capacity to gear up for larger projects by utilizing more equipment and crew than the typical housing project requires.

Our work covers a range of projects types, from owner built dwellings to jobs where we provide or organize a full design and construction service. We will also contact to construct walls for builders, following liaison with architects and engineers through the design process. With the addition of David Roberts to the team, we can also offer a complete house building service. David has the experience and history of completing many homes containing rammed earth walls.

We encourage our domestic clients to be as involved as possible in the design of their house, either with our assistance, with help from professionals, or from their own plans. There is a direct relationship between the amount of thought and care which goes into defining and designing for the lifestyle requirements of a house, and the length of its occupancy. That is: people stay longer in houses which are built to satisfy their needs.

Rammed earth team.